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Professional Wood Staining Near Me

NOW wood staining specialist have years of experience working with wood material and stains. We tell our clients that "wood is a luxury" due to the high cost to install and maintain. NOW recommends consulting with our staining experts prior to installing new wood surfaces. The longer wood remains unprotected, the more weather affects the finished look. 

Professional Wood Staining

There is nothing more eye catching than natural wood. Natures gift to us, wood surfaces offer a look and feel that no synthetic material can replicate. Unfortunately what mother nature can give us, she can also take away. Unprotected wood will quickly turn to unwanted wood. Call NOW to get your beautiful wood stained right away.

Seattle Staining Contractor

A NOW specialist will conduct a site visit to inspect the wood that will be stained. After inspection NOW will recommend stains to use.

Wood Inspection

Staining wood is far more complicated than painting. Stains have different looks and purposes and should be carefully selected to achieve a desired outcome.

Stain Selection

Depending on the desired look. Some wood surfaces will require preparation prior to staining 


Application methods for stains will vary based on the type of stain selected and the size of the project.


NOW Staining Process

NOW Painting has professionally trained wood strainers. These painters are skilled in the process of finishing wood surfaces via stains & top coat solvents.  

Wood Staining Products

BEHR stains are some of the oldest in the industry. Originally founded as a oil based staining company, BEHR has continued to stay ahead of times by developing great stain products that meet todays environmental standards.

BEHR Wood Stain

Surface prep is one critical step in wood staining. Prior to staining a NOW specialist will discuss what desired look your want and outline the best approach.

Surface Prep Tools

NOW Painting uses specialized paint sprayers that are designed to deliver fine finish coatings. Used in combination with other products & tools, these sprayers insure a consistent look. 

Fine Finish


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Professional Staining Contractor

Given the countless variations of wood staining projects there is no standardized pricing for staining wood. Each project must be estimated individually to accurately determine costs.  

What it cost to stain wood?

NOW Painting starts any estimate by asking these questions.

  1. What type of wood is being stained?

  2. How long has the wood been unprotected? 

  3. What is the scope of work for this project?

  4. What are the weather forecasts? 

Estimating Process

Wood staining is estimated in a similar fashion as painting. However the typical stain project will price out 2-3X more than paint would for the same scope of work. This is due to the higher cost for stains, lower SQFT coverage, and need to expedite the work schedule due to weathering effects on wood. 

How Is Wood Staining Estimated? 

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