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Interior House Painter

NOW uses the highest quality paints on the market. We refuse to use the cheap paint! Our painters have years of experience and we won't jeopardize our commitment to quality to save a few bucks. 

Best Quality Paints Used

NOW interior painters are dedicated to giving your home a new beginning with a fresh coat of paint. We understand that painting the interior of your home can be stressful. With NOW we will take our time to understand your needs, make recommendations of paints to use, and provide full transparency throughout the painting process. 

Experienced Interior Painters

A NOW specialist will listen to what your wanting to paint and advise you on the best paints to use and why.

Color Selection

NOW takes the time to prepare any surface we are painting. The key to a great paint job, is great prep work.


When everything is fully prepped and ready for paint, the transformation begins. 


After painting is completed, NOW will always clean up our job sites. 

Clean Up

NOW Interior Painting Process

NOW Painting specializes in the use of high quality paints & solvents. Painting your interior is more than selecting a color. We stay updated on the latest paint products and the advantages they have over others. NOW does NOT USE cheap, low quality paints unless specifically required.  

Interior Paints Used

Dynasty is by far the best value for the price. With "One Coat" hide capability and a robust enamel mixture. This paint is best for making worn walls & ceilings look great again. This paint can be used in any room throughout the house.



BEHR Dynasty Interior Paint

The preferred new construction paint. Sherwin Williams Emerald line of interior paints is a great choice for those clients who want the traditional 1 coat primer, 2 coats paint method applied.

Sherwin Williams


Sherwin Williams Interior Paint

AURA is amazing at bringing out those specialty colors. Best used for vibrant colors that need to pop! AURA is at the higher price per gallon. But for those colors that can't be anything less than WOW, Benjamin Moore AURA will make your walls pop. 

Benjamin Moore


Benjamin Moore Interior Paint

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Interior Accent Wall Painting

After a site visit is conducted and the scope of work is determined. NOW Painting will present you with a final bid price for interior painting. 

What it cost to paint interior of home?

NOW Painting starts any estimate by asking these questions.

  1.  What Surfaces are being painting? 

    • Walls​

    • Ceilings

    • Trim & Doors

  2.  Are there multiple colors to be painted?

  3.  Is the home empty or occupied? 

Estimating Process

Experienced professional painters all know that estimating a paint projects comes down to a few key metrics. Below is a list of how we estimate interior house painting.

How Is Interior Painting Estimated? 

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