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Residential House Painting



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Exterior House Painting

NOW uses the highest quality paints on the market. We refuse to use the cheap paint! Our painters have years of experience and we won't jeopardize our commitment to quality to save a few bucks. 

Best Quality Paints Used

NOW exterior painters are dedicated to giving your home a new beginning with a fresh coat of paint. We understand that painting the exterior of your home can be stressful. With NOW we will take our time to understand your needs, make recommendations of paints to use, and provide full transparency throughout the painting process. 

Professional Exterior Painters

A NOW specialist will listen to what your wanting to paint and advise you on the best paints to use and why.

Color Selection

NOW takes the time to prepare any surface we are painting. The key to a great paint job, is great prep work.


When everything is fully prepped and ready for paint, the transformation begins. 


After painting is completed, NOW will always clean up our job sites. 

Clean Up

NOW Exterior Painting Process

NOW Painting specializes in the use of high quality paints & solvents. Painting your exterior is more than selecting a color. We stay updated on the latest paint products and the advantages they have over others. NOW does NOT USE cheap, low quality paints unless specifically required.  

Exterior Paints Used

If there was ever a one size fits all for exterior paint, it would be BEHR MARQUEE. With the ability to paint without a primer coat applied and it's fast dry time & color fade protection. BEHR is setting the bar high for exterior paints.



BEHR Marquee Exterior House Paint

BEHR DYNASTY continues to impress painters as the flag ship paint for BEHR. Taking all of the advantages offered in MARQUEE and enhancing them even further. DYNASTY is proving to all in one paint desired by high end homes.



BEHR Marquee Exterior House Paint

PPG's PERMANIZER line is a great paint for those high traffic & heavy wear surfaces. NOW recommends this paint for decks & patios that will have heavy foot traffic. 



PPG Permanizer Exterior Paint

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After a site visit is conducted and the scope of work is determined. NOW Painting will present you with a final bid price for exterior painting.

What it cost to paint exterior of home?

NOW Painting starts any estimate by asking these questions.

  1.  What Surfaces are being painting? 

    • Siding

    • Garage & Doors

    • Decks, Patios & Fences

  2.  Are there multiple colors to be painted?

  3.  What is the weather forecast? 

Estimating Process

Experienced professional painters all know that estimating a paint projects comes down to a few key metrics. Below is a list of how we estimate exterior house painting.

How Is Exterior Painting Estimated? 

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