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Drywall Install & Repair Contractor

Drywall Install &


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Drywall Install Contractor

NOW has journeyman drywall crews that can hang, mud, tape, and texture. If your need new drywall installed or existing drywall repaired, NOW has the crews. Don't settle for average walls, call NOW for estimate.

Full Service Drywall Crew

NOW offers full service drywall install & repair throughout the greater Seattle, WA region. Our crew of journeyman drywallers are experienced in the trade and will have your walls ready for paint.

Drywall Installation Contractor

A NOW specialist will conduct a site visit or review specs to determine the scope of work.

Site Visit

After a scope of work is determined. NOW will provide a job cost estimate for your drywall project.


NOW drywall crews will hang or repair your drywall project.


Once drywall is installed and cutouts are made. NOW drywall crews will mud, tape, & texture the drywall.


NOW Drywall  Process

NOW Painting drywall crews understand that a journeyman is only as good as his tools & material. Just as every chef has their favorite knife, every journeyman has their favorite tools.  

Drywall Products Used

Premixed joint compound is a time saver for drywall crews. Offering a good starting point for mud. All Purpose joint compound can be altered without much effort or mistake.

All Purpose

Joint Compound

All Purpose Joint Compound

For efficient drywall installation, the right tools are necessary. When installing drywall over framing, it is critical to insure screws are sunk properly and joints are aligned correct.  

Drywall Specialized


Drywall Screw Gun

The final stage of high quality drywall install is mud, tape & texture. A specialized skill in itself, a journeyman drywaller will spend years acquiring just this skill alone. 

Mud & Tape

Hand Tools

Level 5 Drywall Knife

Schedule Free Estimate

Drywall Finish Mud & Tape

After a site visit is conducted and the scope of work is determined. NOW Painting will present you with a final bid price for your drywall project. 

What it cost to Install or repair drywall in my home?

NOW Painting starts any estimate by asking these questions.

  1.  What spaces are being drywalled? 

    • Walls​

    • Ceilings

    • Custom Soffits? 

  2.  What size of drywall sheets are required?

  3.  Is the work site clear or occupied? 

Estimating Process

Drywall install or repair is typically estimated on a labor & material basis. For larger scale projects that require plan take off & project scheduling, NOW can provide a detailed bid proposal for prime contractors.

How Is Drywall Installation & Repair Estimated? 

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