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Educational Facilities Painting

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Multi-Family Painting Contractor

For existing restaurants Now Painting offers large scale painting services for interior & exterior painting. A site visit and paint schedule are required to accurately estimate these projects. 

Existing Restaurant Painting

NOW Painting can estimate new construction painting projects for prime contractors. These projects require a complete set of Division 9 plans with product details called out. 

New Construction Restaurant Painting

A NOW specialist will conduct a site visit or review plans to determine the scope of work.

Plan Review

After a scope of work is determined. NOW will provide a job cost estimate for your painting project.


NOW painting crews will complete the scope of work contracted.


After painting is finished a NOW project manager will conduct a site walk thru with client to sign off on work.

Punch List

NOW Restaurant
Painting  Process

NOW Painting crews are equiped to handle various types of restaurant painting projects. Everything from single unit turns to full unit renovations. We have crews and expertise on getting your property turned.   

Common Restaurant
Paint Projects

Office tenants are required to hand over the space in the same condition they leased it. NOW can have your walls looking new again.

Tenant Improvement

NOW knows shopping centers. We can estimate you project today. Speak with a NOW project manager today. 

New Construction

Looking to update the look of your apartment building? NOW Painting can have your property looking like an A level property. 

Interior & Exterior Painting

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