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Commercial Painters

NOW Painting prides itself on finding and retaining great painters. At NOW we understand that paint is the final touch to completing a commercial building. That is why NOW painters are constantly being trained on the latest paints & products. We want our painters to know how to work with the best material and equipment so our customers can be amazed at their finished building.   

Seattle Commercial Painters

NOW Painting is Seattle's & Western Washington's go to Commercial Painting Company. NOW offers various commercial painting services throughout greater Seattle. Our commercial painting crews are trained and certified in LEAD paint & OSHA 30 to insure safety and compliance when working on your commercial building.   

Commercial Painting Contractor



New construction or renovation projects require pre-construction planning & budgeting. Let NOW Painting help with your upcoming project.

Apartment  Building Painting

Existing landlords looking for experienced painting crews who can turn units fast. NOW offers one time contracts or exclusive pricing for high volume properties.

Shopping Center


New construction or existing repaint. NOW can bring your shopping center to life with a new paint job. 

Office Space


Your office space is where your team should find inspiration and focus. Don't let those white walls drive your people away. NOW can make your office feel like a place people want to come back to.



You restaurant survives on first impressions. Make sure you're sending the right message to customers with a restaurant that catches peoples attention.

Educational Facilities Painting

Higher education is where we build our future. Don't let outdated colors impact the energy of your educational facility. NOW can make your classrooms & housing feel special.

Commercial Painting Services

NOW Painters are journeyman painters with years of experience. We pride ourselves on our work & commitment to quality painting.


NOW understands that paint is chemistry. Our saying is "There is a paint for every surface". 


We listen to what your vision is and create a plan to deliver. You'll never be in the dark on your project with NOW.


No surprises! With NOW you'll never be in the dark on you project. 


Why NOW Painting?

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Commercial Painters Near Me

After a site visit is conducted and the scope of work is determined. NOW Painting will present you with a final bid price for commercial painting.

What it cost to paint a commercial building?

NOW Painting starts any estimate by asking these questions.

  1. Is this commercial project new construction or existing?

  2. Will NOW be working around other contractors?

  3. What commercial painting services are needed?

  • Interior Painting?​

  • Exterior Painting?

Estimating Process

Experienced commercial painters all know that estimating a paint projects comes down to a few key metrics. Below is a list of how we estimate exterior commercial painting.

How Is Commercial Painting Estimated? 

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